Impact Cannabinoids Relief CBD Oil + CBG 1000mg​

Relief CBD Oil + CBG 1000mg

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Take your CBD to the next level. A blend of our Premium Impact Signature CBD enhanced with added CBD and nano-cannabinoid technology for genuine absorption. Our Relief formula is enriched with CBG oil, turmeric root, stevia rebaudiana and grapeseed oil promoting Anti-Inflammatory action.

Use Relief CBD Oil + CBG to support a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The combination of our fast-acting formula and natural ingredients means that the oil is more pleasurable to use, supporting anti-inflammatory action to promote an improved sense of relief in joints and muscles.

  • Turmeric root which promotes anti-inflammatory action and is a superior antioxidant which may aid in reducing feelings of depression and promote a sense of well being in joints and muscles.
  • All the benefits of our Premium Impact Signature Blend
  • CBG Oil promotes anti-inflammatory action.
  • Stevia rebaudiana is a natural herb commonly known used as a sweetener as it is hundreds of times sweeter than sugar yet it’s completely natural, contains almost no calories and is linked to promoting enhanced function of the liver & pancreas.

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