Our CBD is produced with our proprietary technology and is 99% bio-absorbable. This means it is up to 20 times more efficient than raw CBD oil (6% bioavailable) and five times more efficient than those produced with Liposomes (18-24% bioavailable). Not only is it more effective and fast-acting, it can be less expensive in the long run.

No. We use broad-spectrum industrial hemp CBD oil, which contains zero THC and meets or exceeds FDA regulations – including THC content.

No, but they are related. Both CBD and marijuana come from the cannabis sativa plant, but our CBD used is produced from industrial hemp, which comes from the male plant, while marijuana is produced from the female plant.

Hemp CBD oil is US Farm Bill Compliant (Section 7606), and is not a controlled substance.

Not at all. Our broad-spectrum hemp CBD oil is devoid of psychoactive effects, and is non-addictive.

Yes. We conform to the highest industry standards for testing and purity to ensure consistent, premium quality extracts.

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